Tinnitus Causes

And Their Treatment

Information for Tinnitus Patients

by Dr. med Theresia Altrock

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Dr. Theresia Altrock has been an active physician for more than 50 years. After working as a gynacologist in Germany for 25 years, she wondered if there were ways to help her patients more, while reducing necessity for operations. So she started studying acupuncture and homeopathy.

Some time later, one of her patients lost her tinnitus while treating her cerval spine after an accident. Dr. Altrock grew interested in this field and more and more people came to ask her advice.

Now, having treated about 1200 cases of tinnitus, she is sure most of them can be helped. She says: “Tinnitus is a cry for help of the immune system. With methods like homeopathy and acupuncture you can tell what part of the organism is in trouble and why. After removing the cause, the healing of tinnitus is possible in most cases.”

After lecturing twice at the Tinnitus World Congress, a growing number of requests were made for Dr. Altrock’s work to be translated into english. This book does not only offer advice for sufferers of tinnitus but also for the physician. Theresia Altrock describes the most common causes for tinnitus and ways to treat them, based on her experience in traditional methods of holistic medicine. At the end, she compiles a list of nine suggestions: What to to if a tinnitus endures in spite of conventional medical treatment.

Many years of experience led her to this conviction:

Don’t let anyone tell you there is no hope. They are wrong.”

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How to get the book


Getting started with the RAC
(Reflex auricolo-cardiaque, also called VAS: Vegetative Autonome Signal)

In this book, Theresia Altrock explains the origin of the RAC testing method and its most simple use with the help of a polarisation filter.

Dr. Altrock gives detailed information on how to learn the RAC, how to use it for safe results and gives numerous examples of usage.

In addition we offer a new medical polarisation filter, which triggers stronger reactions than photographic polarisation filters.

Booklet: 10 EUR
Polarisation filter 15 EUR

Booklet & filter 25 EUR