What is Samonas Sound Therapy (SST) about?

Pieces of classical music or sounds of nature, recorded at carefully selected places with
a technique that captures sound almost live-like..
Then the music is filtered in sophisticated ways, adding nothing. By this Samonas Sound Therapy is making use of the inherent qualities of sound, to which body and mind react with a positive attidude. This may help in enhancing or restoring health.
The recordings are optimised for the use of headphones.

How does Samonas Sound Therapy work?

The body in its whole is stimulated to work to the best of its capabililties, the self healing powers being activated. The general awareness is increased.
Positive results have been reported for general feelings of lack of energy and symtoms of stress, also in cases of learning disorders (see "Samonas Sound Therapy, Handbook"). Used by a therapist, the possibilities are expanded to a wide range of applications, as far as disorders of the nervous system in any kind are concerned (see "Samonas for Therapists").

Why does Samonas Sound Therapy work?

Within the body, the ear plays an important role. The organ of balance, which is placed inside the ear, is the oldest part of the brain and closely connected to all aspects of our body. It is said to take control of all incoming and outgoing informations, connecting them and placing them in order with the time code of the brain. By this it affects the linking of the right brain and the left brain, the posture control, the autonomic nervous system and more.

What is being offered ?

CDs with different levels of filtering. Due to the filtering of the music for therapeutical reasons, the recordings sound thinner than usual recordings. The series "Healing Sounds" offers the original recordings at Sonas-standards but without filtering.)
Additional hardware, such as earphone adjustments, net-filter, unit for measuring tinnitus, earhone amplifier with a bone-conductor-unit and more.

The author

While studying physics, Ingo Steinbach got to know the books and cassettes of A. Tomatis. Fascinated by their effects and the studies done by Tomatis, he set out to build up these experiments with today's equipment. It showed, that the increased possibilities of today also offered a wider range of applications and an astonishing effectiveness. This is how Samonas Sound Therapy came into being. Various develepments of Klangstudio Lambdoma (run by Steinbach), such as envelope-shape-modulator, and Sonas recording technology helped intensifying the sounds even more, making Samonas Sound Therapy an worthy instrument for therapists.