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Samonas Sound Therapy - The way to health through sound

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How it developed – how it works

Put on your headphones and relax. Enter the world of Samonas Sound Therapy, a world in which sounds are meant not only to be heard - but felt. A world of sounds, that activates the innermost regions of body, mind and spirit.

Inspired by research of the French ENT specialist A. A. Tomatis, this therapy combines new methods such as spectral activation of sounds and the technique of hemispheric stimulation (HSS) to achieve the direct harmonisation and vitalisation of body and spirit. By sophisticated stimulation of the natural over-tone matrix, this therapy awakens the body's own resources for self-healing.

In this volume, Ingo Steinbach provides a clear and detailed description of the history, scientific basis and healing effects of this therapy, which has been successfully applied in the treatment of hearing impairs, writing disorders, psychosomatic diseases, tinnitus and more. Discover how the "healing sounds" of Samonas can put you on the path to well-being and personal fulfilment.