Samonas Sound Therapy , A way to health

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    Looking to the future

    Sound Therapy

    How to use the book

Part I

The Ear – The Brain – The Human Being

    1. Pro-audio: hearing + sounds = life

    Our environment, a world full of sound

    Dynamics of life

    Tones and sounds

    From the gigantic to the minuscule

    Audibility limits

    Life-long alertness

    2. Pro-ear: Biology of the ear

    The ear: a miraculous response to our environment

    A work of art in miniature

    How we hear

    Amazing facts

    Standing upright without falling over

    The human body in the ear

    Hearing and Speech

    Active hearing

    Transmission of sounds

    Listening Example

    Pure chance? The theory of evolution and probability

    3. Recognizing sounds: the ear and brain

    Hearing and thinking

    Noise and listening

    Do we hear everything?

    On with the lesson …

    Pathways in the brain

    Hearing habits

    Noise – a one-way street

    Slow-burning– losing vitality

Part II

Sound all around us – healing with sound

    4. Harmful or healing

    Healing – but how?

    Health and disease

    Healing and hearing

    Healing sounds

    Energy-rich and energy-poor sounds

    5. Healing by hearing

    That special touch

    Sounds in the womb

    What went wrong

    Listening before life began

    The sound of Life

    The first sense

    An exciting idea

Part III

Sound Therapy

    6. Samonas Sound Therapy

    The initial spark

    Fertile soil

    Basis of development

    Development and culmination

    The core of Sound Therapy

    Synergy of vitality and relaxation

    Expanding the concept

    Music and music therapy

    High tones and filters

    The Sonas System

    Digital or analogue – the Devil piecemeal?

    Recording techniques for Sound Therapy

    7. Sound Therapy in practice

    Equipment and how to use it

    Uses of Sound Therapy

    Suggested treatment programme

    Sound Therapy in the hands of a therapist

    Documentation and training for therapists

    How to obtain further information

    Linear and complex forms of reality

    Secret of the overtones

    Music in pure pitch

    The hearing curve – our fate in black and white

    8. Brain research

    Stimulation of the cortex

    Hemisphere-specific stimulation


    Physiotherapy through sound

    Hearing, speech, balance


Information on Sound Therapy

    Level I

    Level II

    Samonas "concept of syn-energy"

    Portable CD players for Sound Therapy

    Demo CD

    Further reading on Sound Therapy



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Samonas Sound Therapy