The Metronome Drum
The metronome that talks music

Playing to the metronome is hardly fun.

But it helps.

This CD The Metronome Drum reportedly makes practising fun – have a try with the samples of eych track.

These pieces of percussion music keep to simple playing, to help you feel the metronome beat inside. The arrangements were reduced three times until the relielance of the metronome beat and the fun of percussion music melted into the Metronome Drum, providing room and assistance for your playing as well.

It may be used not only instead of a metronome. On many situations groups contacting and practising music are encouraged: At school, at training for educational work, at meetings and many more.

Ten percussion tracks accompany the metronome click.
60 to 150 beats per minute.
Each piece is approx. 6 minutes long.
Arrangements are in 4/4 timing, structured to 4 bar phrases or multiples of it.

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