This CD is musically much more interesting than a normal metronome. It is easier to feel the beat because it inspires musical appeal

Even simple beginners pieces become an invaluable learning tool.

Encourages synchronized playing within the group

Children are more willing to repeat a piece of music when accompanied by the
Metronome Drum. Instead of doing it just once, they want to repeat it 4 to 5 times.

Players get accustomed to correct note lengths from the start, enabling them to participate in group playing sooner.

More advanced students like to challenge their abilities with higher tempos,
as the different metronome rhythms make repetition more fun.

Baroque or classical pieces sound more "groovy" when accompanied by the Metronome Drum. Many students find this a refreshing change.

It is equally suitable for children and adults alike.

In general, the Metronome Drum is advantageous in many ways for group lessons in recorder and flute.

Johanna Rabe
Diploma of Music

I would like to thankyou very much for the copy of the Metronome Drum.
I practised drumming along to the CD and I found it to be very helpful.
E. Munir, Australian musician

With a usual metronome I always had difficulties keepipng the time.
Now, with this CD, it's just easy.

An adult learner in a guitar circle

Compared to a metronome it's a difference like night and day.
My students immediately are much more precise in rhythmic affairs. Their playing turns from 'count' to 'groove'. Right now, Bach-Inventions played along with the metronome drum beat everything.

A German piano teacher